PRESS RELEASE: Elements Behavioral Health Partners with Internationally Renowned Nutrition and Fitness Expert Dr. Pamela Peeke
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Dr. Peeke launches THE HUNGER FIX on The Katie Show
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Dr. Peeke & THE HUNGER FIX are featured on ABC Nightline
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Ask HER: Benefits of a Fast Metabolism, Tips to Deal with 
Stress & When Will My Vitamins or Supplements Starts 

10 Reasons You Feel Cold All the Time                                  

Childhood Stress Can Cause Weight Gain in Women  
  Expert : Hui Liu, PhD, MS 

Why Every Woman Needs an Emergency Fund  
  Expert : Sharon Lechter, CPA 

HER Radio is hosted by:
Dr. Pam Peeke and
Michelle King Robson

    Thursdays @ 2pm ET - HER radio show on RadioMD
      Listen to Dr. Peeke and co-host Michelle King Robson and their guests tackle all things "woman"
    Wed, Apr 29, 2015 - Sat, May 2, 2015
      Southeast Conference on Trauma, Addictions and Intimacy Disorders
    Fri, May 8, 2015
      The Relationship of Complex Trauma to Intimacy, Disordered Eating and Addiction
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