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"Your mission statement is to be alert and vertical for the majority of your life. To achieve this, you need to work your mind and your body. This is nonnegotiable."

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Teleclass with Chef AJ

RadioMD - Supplements for Women: Myths & Facts

RadioMD - Juice Fasts: Weight Loss & Cleansing or Just Hype?

RadioMD - How Much Exercise is Enough?

RadioMD - Got 20 Minutes? Your Exercise Routine Just Got Shorter

RadioMD - Separating Fact From Fiction: 7 Myths About Obesity

RadioMD - Busting the Myths Surrounding Obesity

Dr. Pam Peeke sits down with Gaiam TV’s Lisa Garr to discuss overcoming food addiction. See the full interview here.

Fitness Radio - Boomers Rock

The Peeke Mind Diet Part 2 

The Peeke Mind Diet Part 1

Dr. Peeke's Grand Canyon Adventure 
Dr. Peeke and her Peeke Perfomers
Dr.Peeke  and Iron Girl Triathlon Dr. Peeke discusses her triathlon training program
Michael McCann  
Making The Lifestyle Pledge  Dr.Peeke discusses committing yourself to change
New Surgeon General’s Lifestyle Goals for Americans  Learn what the new US Surgeon General has planned for America
Mental Friction Hear what Dr. Peeke has to say about alleviating your Mental Friction.
Don't  focus on what you can't do  move forward with what you can.
Learn to turn your dreams into reality.
Questioning if you're normal?  Listen to Dr. Peeke redefine the word.
Learn to recognize your value
Joy Yourself Experience the the fun side of yourself.
WTOP RADIO SHOW (with host Bob Madigan)
  Missed the show?  Listen to Dr. Peeke's segments below. 
Alana Beard Dr. Peeke talks to Washington Mystics Player Alana Beard
The Fine Art of Tasting Dr Peeke offers hints on navigating the holidays
Our Dining Companions Dr Peeke evaluates how the people we eat with impact our diets.
Excercise is Down Dr. Peeke Discusses Trends in Exercise
The Myth About Exercise Dr. Peeke Discusses Time Article that says exercise is a myth.
Biking Part Deux Dr. Peeke Discusses the joys and benefits of biking
Biking Dr. Peeke Discusses Biking
Brown Fat? Dr. Peeke discusses the different kinds of fat.
The Garden Dr.Peeke on WTOP
Start Walking Start Walking Today
Optimism      Dr. Peeke looks at the benefits of an optimistic attitude
First Lady of Fitness Catch Dr. Peeke on WTOP discuss Michele Obama
Learn how to keep your heart healthy.
Mars/Venus learn about the anatomy of the woman's heart.
Does stress in your life have you heading for the refrigerator--listen now.
It's a battle we face every Jan. 1--Learn to keep your promise to yourself.
Parties and fun-Dr. Peeke discusses how to not be sabotaged by the goodies
We have to live with them...find a balance between foe and friend.

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