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“In The Hunger Fix, Dr. Pam Peeke elegantly outlines a practical plan to navigate the treacherous tightrope over the food addiction ravine.”
—Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the Dr. Oz show

“For countless men and women who have tried to lose weight and failed, The Hunger Fix offers hope of a real, permanent solution to weight gain. If you truly want to conquer your food demons, take control of your body and your health, and set yourself on the path to sustainable weight loss, The Hunger Fix is a must-read.”
—David Zinczencko, editor in chief, Men’s Health, and author of Eat This, Not That!

“Food addiction is a real issue. Dr. Peeke offers a pragmatic approach to embarking on a journey toward a healthier, happier life.”
—Alberto Perlman, cofounder and CEO, Zumba Fitness International

“Using the power of emerging science, Dr. Peeke offers solutions and tools to counter the vicious cycle of food addiction.”
—Michael W. Smith, MD, medical director, chief medical editor of WebMD.com

“The Hunger Fix is a must-read. Dr. Peeke teaches us how to use our own biochemistry and lifestyle habits to reclaim our brains and finally live a life without food and weight torment.”
—Gary and Diane Heavin, cofounders of Curves

“The Hunger Fix is revolutionary. This book is a practical, realistic blueprint for the lifelong recovery each individual so richly deserves.”
—Beth Shaw, founder, YogaFit

“In her outstanding new book, The Hunger Fix, Dr. Peeke provides those afflicted by overeating with a powerful new tool—Transcendental Meditation—to rein in impulses and control cravings. Dr. Peeke wisely makes this simple technique a key part of her plan to manage food addiction.”
—David Lynch, filmmaker and founder of the David Lynch Foundation

In The Hunger Fix , Dr. Pam Peeke shows us how to manage the persons, places, and things in our lives that trigger addictive eating, sending us to the sugary, fatty, salty, and starchy foods we crave for a “False Fix” — those foods we must have, but feel so guilty when we do. It starts with one quick taste and suddenly we’ve eaten the whole bag because our best intentions get hijacked by our brains — dopamine’s thirst for pleasure.

Prepare to stop caving to your cravings when you take part in The #HungerFix Pinterest Contest. (http://pinterest.com/pampeekemd/i-need-a-hungerfix) Just pin it to win it -- an hour long private consultation with Dr. Peeke and a personalized conversation with Biggest Loser celeb Tara Costa -- and share your top craveable, bingeable "fixes" according to the rules below.

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The Prizes

Best Board:
  • Two separate hour-long phone chats with Dr. Peeke and Biggest Loser Tara Costa for a personalized Hunger Fix, along with a signed copy of Dr. Peeke’s book, The Hunger Fix.
  • A customized food plan from Natalia Hancock, R.D., the Senior Culinary Nutritionist at SPE Certified, detox recovery program
Random Drawing Winner Boards - You Can Win One of These Great Prizes:
  • Fantastic Gift Basket full of Zumba, YogaFit, CooliBar clothing and rejuvenating spa products.
  • Complimentary passes to Anytime Fitness, Curves, or a YogaFit Training
  • A selection of fitness equipment from SPRI, Gaiam and more!
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